December 15th, 2018. 29 students from 11 different departments of the Democritus University of Thrace meet in Alexandroupolis, the city where the idea for the first TEDxDUTH was created, an idea aimed at eliminating distances between the four cities that DUI consists of. At the first meeting, the idea of ​​a theme came up that will shape everything you will see on October 19th. " Atom " or " άτομον", in Greek, in honor of Democritus, a concept that will be both scientifically and anthropocentrically centered by the 9 speakers.

The first TEDxDUTH team stated: "10 months of preparation and about a month before everything gets in shape, if one asks how easy it is to organize such an event from distance, the answer is not at all. But it was worth every minute. Every minute of tiredness, every minute of pressure and difficulty. After 10 months of preparation these 28 people stop to be your team. They become your friends. A family that grew up with the 60 volunteers without whom we could not turn into reality the first TEDxDUTH. And it continues to grow with each and every one of you showing his support in this endeavor. With the support of the Democritus University of Thrace, our scientific supervisor Rafael Saladatzopoulos helped us immensely and was our ally in every obstacle.

The closer we get to the implementation of the first TEDx at Democritus University of Thrace, the more we learn that with an idea and some smiles, everything is possible. Counting on the big day of the event we want to prove that the atom is finally cut, and his many different, scattered pieces are his strength.»

Ticketmaster announces that it is the official ticketing provider of the first TEDxDUTH. Stefanos Kakarantzas, Ticketmaster Hellas’ COO, commented: " With a very interesting theme-the atom- and a lot of will power to cooperate, the faculties of the Democritus University of Thrace joined forces to create the their first TEDx. When you see young people strive for a better future despite of the obstacles and the difficulties of our time, you cannot help but smile and feel proud for them. The Ticketmaster Family welcomes you with open arms and hopes for the next TEDxDUTH events! »

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